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THE MOTION OF A MIDDLE BLOCK PART II By Richard Conceicao   ESSENTIAL SKILLS AND CONCEPTS: A movement pattern can encompass many uses—“a middle block is not only a middle block”. Once you get away from limiting term “block” and just concern yourself with the movement...

The Motion of a Middle Block

THE MOTION OF A MIDDLE BLOCK  by Richard Conceicao Part I                “The purpose of blocking is to maneuver your opponent into a disadvantageous position”                                                                                                            ...


by Richard Conceicao As with any discussion of the principles in martial arts, each one could take many years to a lifetime of exploration, in order to gain mastery. The understanding of angles and angular relationships in combat is another example of this. In our...

Structure – Part 4

by Richard Conceicao Basic Blocking In order to understand the proper application of what we call “blocks” a distinction has to be made for each one having a separate defensive and offensive application. While discussion of the different applications will be resumed...

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