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WTF forms Applications


Because of the increased “sportification” of the WTF, many of the forms have been under appreciated, and, in many schools, de-emphasized. Yet the original fighting concepts are still maintained within them, albeit often overlooked. My purpose in this series is to take some of the more “obscure” movements from some of the forms and provide some insight into how they can be used in a realistic combat scenario. Hopefully people can take these ideas and add their own concepts and broaden the knowledge of these arts to those who practice it.


The key movement of the form is the keumgang magi—diamond block. It consists of one arm executing a high block movement and the other arm a low block movement. The leg is then raised to knee level.



A key to interpreting this complex action is to stop focusing on the final position and concentrate on the specific motions involved. One arm moves up and back, and the other moves down and back. The knee then moves forward.

In this example we face our opponent with our lead arms clashing (separated here for clarity). While we could perform this from a grab, a punch, or even a handshake, we are demonstrating the technique from this position because it is so commonly encountered




From this position pull the opponents arm down towards your side. Since the normal reaction when your arm is tugged is to pull back, you can use this pulling back to help you spring around to his rear




Once you are behind place your arm around his neck and then pull his head to the side.





Your knee will then be raised to kick out the back of his knee completely destabilizing him.

keumgang 5


At this point any number of finishing moves are available to you. As the form indicates you can initiate a throw. You can even  put a one arm rear naked choke on your opponent by placing the hand of your upper arm on the back of your neck to act as a fulcrum. A bouncer (doorman) can use that technique to walk someone out having one arm free to op