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The Basics are the Advanced Techniques

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Rock Pushing

ROCK PUSHING-FAIR LADY AT SHUTTLE-FIRE FIST. A Movement Comparison   It is a common practice to compare martial arts by their differences. In this discussion I would like to compare movements from three arts TKD, Tai Chi, and Xing-yi, by their similarities. I am...

Exploring Body Subtleties

Recently, while strolling through New York’s Central Park with Totally TKD magazine’s esteemed editor, his daughter, and frequent contributor Master Vitale, I went on my usual rant concerning the loss of subtlety in the arts these days. it occurred to me that I...

Tong-Milgi the opening of Koryo

Tong-Miigi by Richard Conceicao          The hand position that is the beginning of Koryo poomse is described in many ways, ranging from a Chi Kung energy concentration to the more fanciful “gazing at the sun”. In this discussion I would like to propose an...

reality and ritual

Reality & Ritual By Richard Conceicao One day among a group of TKD students, I had the opportunity to train with a law enforcement instructor in some basic control techniques. It was fun to go over things that I haven’t done in years. The hard part was...

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