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Can You Make It Work? Yes

Is It The Best Possible Way? Probably Not! Part II In part one we delved into some of the historical reasons that we practice TKD in the way that we do. In past articles I have mentioned the differences between classical and traditional TKD. One aspect was in how the...

Koryo Opening Moves

The hand position that is the beginning of Koryo poomse is described in many ways, ranging from a Chi Kung energy concentration to the more fanciful “gazing at the sun”. In this discussion I would like to propose an alternate interpretation of this movement, and the...

Keumgang magi-the Diamond Block

WTF forms Applications   Because of the increased “sportification” of the WTF, many of the forms have been under appreciated, and, in many schools, de-emphasized. Yet the original fighting concepts are still maintained within them, albeit often overlooked. My...

Rock Pushing

ROCK PUSHING-FAIR LADY AT SHUTTLE-FIRE FIST. A Movement Comparison   It is a common practice to compare martial arts by their differences. In this discussion I would like to compare movements from three arts TKD, Tai Chi, and Xing-yi, by their similarities. I am...

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